About Stolbjerg Copenhagen


Embracing a simple and sustainable life.

Stolbjerg Copenhagen is Danish design brand made with love and care. We design accessories in high quality, merging simplicity and functionality in an aesthetic expression. We believe in sustainability, a caring production, and a long-lasting design made for generations. 

As many other families, we have a need for simplicity and high functionality in our everyday life. Stolbjerg Copenhagen items are therefore inspired by that. 

Our love for nature and its honest materials as wood, natural dyed leather, and cotton shines through in our products. Most of our products are handmade and Danish produced.

Many of our styles are customized to make our design as unique as our customers.

Stolbjerg Copenhagen was established in the end of 2015 by Frederikke Xenia Stolbjerg and her husband Anders Sandberg.

The basis for Stolbjerg Copenhagen was set when the family went on a three-month long journey in Asia in 2015. 

With three children, at the age of 6 months to 6 years, the couple needed a functional solution for storage and transporting the family clothes. Therefore, the couple made a prototype for Stolbjerg Copenhagen’s Infinity Bag. A local tailor in Thailand made the first Infinity Bag. As Frederikke describes it, it seemed like the obvious choice to start Stolbjerg Copenhagen. 

“Blindfolded, with a lot of courage in my stomach and the world ́s best partner by my side, it seemed like the only right thing to do. One night we toasted in a Singha, took each other’s hands and promised to follow our dreams. Not just on the journey in Asia, but as a life philosophy - to pursue a simple and sustainable life”.