Here you will find our collection of clutches, shoulder bags, backpacks and toiletbags.
The Unity collection is handmade and can be customized with your initials. A clutch or shoulder bag with initials is perfect as a personal gift for the bride, the jubilee or as a valentines gift. 


Bucket Bag <br /> Black soft skin
229,00 171,75 EUR
Bum Bag  <br /> Blush dyed skin
119,00 89,25 EUR
Tote <br /> Black skin
186,00 139,50 EUR
Tote <br /> Blush dyed skin
186,00 139,50 EUR
Infinity Bag <br /> Canvas size S
109,00 81,75 EUR
Infinity Bag <br /> Canvas size M
139,00 104,25 EUR
Infinity Bag <br /> Canvas size L
179,00 134,25 EUR