Shoulder Bags

Bucket Bag <br /> Black soft skin
229,00 114,50 EUR
Tote <br /> Black skin
186,00 93,00 EUR
Tote <br /> Blush dyed skin
186,00 93,00 EUR
Bum Bag  <br /> Blush dyed skin
119,00 59,50 EUR
Shopper <br /> Black skin with brass details
299,00 149,50 EUR

Shoulderbag in leather

Unity Shoulderbag is a beautifull leather bag with a clean Scandinavian design. The shoulderbag is made in luxurious leather that will continue to become prettier over time. Unity Shoulderbag is both perfect for an everyday look and as an accessory for a more festive outfit. If you wish to get your Unity Shoulder bag a more unique expression it is possbile to have your initials written on the bag.