Sustainability at Stolbjerg Copenhagen


When the dream of Stolbjerg Copenhagen first started, it was clear to us that sustainability should be an essential part of our business.  We experience a large and fast-changing consumption, and so our focus has been to create sustainability through classic and timeless design created to last for generations. 

Our collection is continuously growing across seasons and trends, because we are a slow fashion brand. Besides creating timeless design, our long-lasting materials are also contributory to making our designs last for generations. 

The majority of our designs are created of leather and skin which are sustainable choices for several reasons: 

  1. Skin and leather are a natural material. 

  2. Skin and leather are incredible hard-wearing materials. 

  3. Studies show that there is a tendency to hold on to your leather items for a longer time than items made out of other materials. 

  4. Skin and leather are a residual product which therefore isn't wasted. 

Our skin and leather is tanned naturally and is thereby free from harmful substances such as chrome 6 and azo dyes. Besides using leather and skin, we also use canvas for a part of our products. Our canvas is ecological and is also free from harmful substances. 

To protect our design further – and our planet - we have created a leather care series. The leather care series consist of a leather cream and a waterproofing spray, and it is a 100 % natural. The products contain nature’s own materials such as triple filtered beeswax, unique blend of seed oils, naturally occurring lipids and carnauba wax. For this reason, the leather care series can be used for both your Stolbjerg Copenhagen products but also your children’s winter shoes and other leather products – with a good conscience. 

In our everyday life, we strive towards sustainability in all we do, for example, by always minimising material waste rethinking excess skin in to new designs. Furthermore, we print on both sides of the paper, reuse packaging for storage and send products to our retailers in reused boxes. Our packaging is made out of reused cardboard, our cards are printed on reused cardboard and we always ask our manufacturers to minimise the use of plastic, when they wrap and send our materials. 

For us, our sustainable responsibility also involves securing a sustainable work life for our employees. This applies for both our employees in Denmark and abroad. A big part of our products are produced in an Indian production which we have carefully selected because of its focus on and care for the employees’ working conditions. You can get a much deeper insight in to the working conditions in the Indian production in the  "Who made your bag" section. 

At Stolbjerg Copenhagen we produce with responsibility and care for the planet and the people around us – we only have one planet.