Who made your bag


Visiting India

At Stolbjerg Copenhagen we are proud that a part of our designs are sewed at our Indian production, which focuses especially on the employees work-conditions. It is important for us to be transparent about the way we work and that you can also have an insight into how your purchases are created.

Our funder Frederikke regularly  visits and monitors the production in India in order to keep a fluent communication with both the management and the employees. 
In addition to having a great love for design, the owners behind Stolbjerg Copenhagen also share a love for the planet and the people. 

Frederikke says:
"We wanted to create beautiful and functional design, but we didn't want to do it 
unless we figured out a way to do it in a sustainable and responsible way in relation to the working conditions for our employees abroad". 

Thus, we at Stolbjerg Copenhagen, are completely engaged in the production and we thereby secure good working conditions. During these visits Frederikke talks to the owner of the detail production and to the employees. Through these talks we know that the detail production focuses on the following points in order to secure the good working conditions: 

The diversity is secured by allowing men and women to work side by side. In India this is a rarity, because departments are often separated by gender. 

Joint hourly breaks.

Good ventilation in the rooms where the heat is controlled in the best way possible 

Higher wages than the average sewing machinist contributing to better living standards for the employees.  

The employees don’t work with harmful chemistry. This is opposed to many places in India. The consequences by working with harmful chemistry can be burns, skin diseases, headaches and illnesses in both neck, eyes, nose and ears. 

Working hours that secures both the employees physical and mental wellbeing. 

The production only hires adults. Child labour is widespread in India, and the choice only hire adults is therefore essential in the battle against child labour.

With these crucial points we secure both the physical and mental working conditions for our employees in India.

We at Stolbjerg Copenhagen fight to optimise the processes surrounding our production every day, we want production transparency in a way that our customers can safely purchase our products fully aware of the process behind them and with good conscience.

With the 'Who made your bag' initiative, our sewing machinists add a signed tag to the bag they have created.
In this way, it is possible for us in Denmark to get an insight to who is physically behind the bag we wear. 

In general, we want to increase fair- labour awareness in the fashion industry.  

Who made your bag is thereby a tribute to our Indian colleagues in Team Stolbjerg Copenhagen, who create the beautiful products we send to you every day.   

           Team Stolbjerg Copenhagen in India